First of all, I apologize for such a long post. I don't know how we can survive without his sssi to help with rent/utilities/food etc.I haven't been able to sleep very well overnight cause I keep thinking of issues about Jeff's health and how I am NOT helping him. We don't get a chance to eat together because of everyone's lifestyle and hours to eat together. The only time is when we go out to eat, so in turn he always takes his food down to his room to eat. He would get mad if I made him sit where I could keep an eye on him eating. He has always gone to eat by himself that I stopped fighting it. His eating portions scare me!! He will take the amount of 2-3 or more peoples servings and only when I catch him I make him put back some. I'm not home enough to watch because of working and the same for his sisters. He gets angry when I make him put food back. His diet consists of banquet chicken nuggets, frozen fries or bites, canned potatoes and sausage, frozen pizza, frozen TGIF potato skins, potato chips. Only fruit if I force it on him. He refuses to even try ANY vegetables of any kind. If I can get him to take a bite, it's like fighting congress. Then if he gets it to his mouth let alone if I can get him to even get him to take a bite he will gag or spit it out. Problem is if I don't buy the items, but he will when he is at work. He has to have his pop every day and if he doesn't get one, he gets mad. His health is suffering and he is morbidly obese. All he does is sit downstairs on his bed and eat or on his computer or video games. The only time he comes upstairs is to eat or let the dogs out. Then he gets mad. I have tried portion control with him but he won't help himself. I've told him how much he should eat. Doctors and therapist have talked to him for the last 10 years but he refuses to listen and when they talk he laughs. He just gets mad at me and his siblings for trying to reason with him. I want to get him to go out for walks at least so he gets moving. He moves like a snail everywhere he goes because he always has to have his device on him in his hands. I can't get him to lay them down or go without anytime. I have talked to his worker about him being in an apartment or something. Deep down all I want is for him to be independent and his lifestyle and eating habits to get better. It breaks my heart just seeing him self sabotage his body and life. I can't do it anymore. I feel I am holding him back from being successful. He needs help and it isn't something I cannot do. Neither can his siblings. It always end up in a shouting match and he gets angry. I have talked to therapist about this, that is if I can find him one. Everyone has tried to tell him what he is doing to his body and he refuses to listen to anyone.

Posted by mykids3mom at 2023-10-24 11:44:52 UTC