Hi! I have a 15 year old son with Asperger's as a new diagnosis. He was a toddler and diagnosed with SPD, SL delays - receptive/expressive, no gross motor skills, an unbalanced vestibuliar system, no chewing/swallowing capabilities, undiagnosed acid reflux for 2 years and more.....since puberty hit, most of his old issues from toddler came back, plus OCDish type behavior, can't get to sleep (6 hour sleep routine) and he also now is diagnosed with complex developmental trauma (which I know is present) due to all of the intense emotions that I went through during/after his birth. We are here to learn how to reconnect, gain trust and move forward together as a family. It's all about feeling safe with each other. A lot of suppressed emotional trauma has been passed down through the generations and have boiled up to be expressed, processed and healed.

Posted by raisier at 2023-10-22 23:05:14 UTC