Hi I’m a mum of a 21year old young man who is diagnosed with adhd, asd, gad, and epilepsy. My son had a seizure a couple of days ago hasn’t had one in 3 years …..he doesn’t look after himself at all he drinks alcohol all the time smokes doesn’t eat probably and I’m constantly worried and even more so now, he is back on his seizure meds now and a lot of other meds. He is in a lot of emotional turmoil I know as he was bullied all of his schooling life and has also been in and of hospital since he was 2years old as he ingested caustic soda. He struggles to maintain friendships and ones he does have mostly go pear shaped eventually as they also have issues. I feel he is in defense mode all the time I just don’t know how to help him anymore. I cope all his anger and aggression it is very wearing and exhausting. He has no self esteem about his ability as he is also dyslexic, school made him feel stupid which he definitely is not. Has anyone got any advice that might help. Thanks

Posted by Paulette at 2023-10-21 09:42:04 UTC