It's not covid. I have no idea what it is. I want to say this is the same illness I had in 2020 and that time I tested negative for covid as well. It's an ear nose throat thing, my throat is really sore, and no matter how much NyQuil I chug I can't seem to stay asleep. Now here's why I'm grateful for my current state of unwell. I had a ticket for the Thundercat concert last night. Obviously I couldn't go. And because of the abominable state of the music industry in this country, I found myself stuck with a worthless $58 email. So I went ahead and posted it for free on the Nextdoor app. A girl messaged me, told me it was her birthday, and said it would really mean a lot to her if she could go to the concert. At least Ticketmaster is decent enough to let you transfer a ticket for free. It is quite literally the least they could do. So some girl named Alana got to enjoy a birthday concert last night directly because of this cold flu fever thing I have. That is the really nice thing about being this sick: it presents opportunity. Positivity is a choice. I'm choosing it. Now if I could just stop all the neon yellow from coming out of my face that would be amazing.

Posted by michaelpaulwilliams at 2023-10-20 13:49:04 UTC