TW: mention of death Adult female probably on the spectrum here. I had an interesting conversation today regarding ASD strengths. I work in Funeral and see people on their worst days. I'm the one who designs the grave marker of beloved Pop Pop whose life is so much more than two dates. I'm the one who walks the soon to be window through the pre arrangements two days after her husband received the diagnosis. I'm the one who talks to the mother about the final resting place of her child. It's emotional work, and one that requires both kindness, compassion, and a surprising amount of knowledge about different cultures death practices. For many NT's this work is too draining for one single reason. Despite all the tears, a job must be done. Dates of service must be set. Paperwork must be readied and signed. Someone needs to be that voice of logic and reason who recognizes when choosing a cemetery plot the dying husband AND his healthy wife should be considered, bc 20yrs from now no wife wants to be told she can't be laid to rest with her husband bc we only picked one space for him, and now everything close by is sold out. Some people might not want to listen to logic, or more often they are too grief stricken to think clearly. Having ASD doesn't mean I can't empathize, but it does mean I'll excel at jobs where everyone else is an emotional wreck and someone needs to be the voice of reason, and guide a family in the dozens of decisions made before, and after a passing. I just wanted to share this as I think it's a great strength, and not consider enough when insulting questions like "can an ASPIE even feel empathy" come up. Bc sometimes empathy looks like staying 3hrs late to prep paperwork so the family only has to sit with me for 15min. For those with teens/young adults unsure of possible career paths, maybe consider funeral (I promise is pandemic and recession proof). And for everyone who hasn't already, please take care of your prearrangements with the funeral home of your choice. I can answer any questions you have, lol I promise nothing you ask will be too weird by my standards. I'm based in Seattle.

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-06-01 05:49:39 UTC