Hi everybody! I have a 29 year old son with OCD/anxiety and ASD. Has anyone dealt with the issue where these kids were called "retarded" when in public school? The autism label means "retarded" so he does not accept it. We just deal with his everyday life. He lives with his brother in an apartment but does not drive. He has had driving lessons over the years but when anxious he gets angry. I am his driving teacher as he does so much better with females than males. I am getting older and he does not realize what is involved in driving SAFELY. He has normal intelligence but executive functioning deficits. I am ready to get my courage up again to take another stab at it. I would appreciate tips on how successful parents have taught their kids to drive. He works part time. Public transportation does not go to his job. Thank you!

Posted by terry.brackney at 2023-10-16 21:55:25 UTC