I finally had a chance to take my first dose of Adderall this morning. I was prescribed 10mg twice per day. I asked my doctor if I could start at half that, 5mg twice a day. She said sure, but that's a very small pediatric dose, and since I am a 190 lb man it will probably not do much. But sure, try it the first day or two and see how you feel. So I took 5mg. And she was spot on. Because of course she was. I wouldn't expect her to be able to hop up into the cab of a T680 and dump the airbags on command, because there's a high likelihood she doesn't have understanding or context for "dump the airbags", much less where to find the switch (sometimes it's under a plastic cover, but not always). I know precisely as much about the dosages and pharmacological effects of mixed combo amphetamine salts, as she knows about heavy traction articulated combination vehicles: next to nothing. And really, that's the nice thing about this ADHD diagnosis. It's not a death sentence. It's not a situation where an insufficient dosage could lead to further injury or death. I tried 5mg and an hour later I found myself yawning and wanting to lie down. And then I thought "Hold up, this drug is an on-label treatment for narcolepsy. I don't think I'm supposed to be falling asleep on it.' Yeah Mike, you didn't take enough. She told you. So later today at 14:20 when my alarm chimes, I will be taking a 10mg dose. I will maintain a state of active mindfulness, and I will observe my reactions to the drug. This is something that millions of people are prescribed. Millions more illegally ingest this drug for reasons of recreation and performance enhancement. It is taken carelessly, flippantly, mindlessly. I am not such a person. I have nothing to be scared of. This is meant to help me. I am not defective, my brain is not broken, and taking this necessary medicine is not an admission of failure or weakness. I'm gonna be just fine. .

Posted by michaelpaulwilliams at 2023-10-16 14:26:51 UTC