Hi My name is dr swati Paliwal. I’m from india delhi. My younger son who will soon be 6 is on spectrum. I want to know what courses or books will be beneficial for my kid. As of now I did sonrise program with him and it has definitely helped I even followed a similar mifne concept mostly pertaining to emotional sensitivity After watching your videos I have read polyvagal theory by Holly bridges and I’m doing what I can to increase his vagal tone like humming chanting massages tickle games and the teachers at school have noticed remarkable improvement from his previous status too But he has a tendency to drift into his own world of obsessions even now and there are ups and downs I just want to know like when will his awareness be like me or his elder brother ? What should I do to help him be aware? Which course or book of yours will be beneficial for my 5 yr 9 months old kid? As time zones are a barrier for me as I live in delhi how will the program work for me Thanks for reading Hoping to get a reply

Posted by swatipaliwaldoc at 2023-10-11 02:27:57 UTC