Hello! I am the mom to a 15 yr old daughter with AuDHD, SPD, SAD, GAD, PMDD, low arousal, low muscle tone and PTSD from being bullied. I am wondering if anyone can offer some hope on the school front. Middle school was a disaster because the school missed the diagnosis and refused to give us an IEP and told us that my daughter’s anxiety was a choice, that she was a behavior problem and that we, as her parents, encouraged her behavior. To say we were livid would be an understatement. We then did an outside eval and got the correct diagnosis. We moved my daughter out of district to a performing arts school to focus on her preferred activity (musical theatre), but as the psychiatrist suggested might happen, she still had a problem with the rest of the school day. With the school being a half hour away and starting early, we had to withdraw from the program as she just couldn’t get there. She made it to maybe 50% of days since school started. We then had to re enroll her in our home district, which she really didn’t want to do because she felt like she was mistreated. But we had no other option as we cant afford private school - even if we could get her to go! I came down hard on our home district and they came up with a plan that my daughter thought sounded good. Half day in person (with the ability to do class in a sensory classroom) with two classes online at home. Well today was the first day. She spent three hours w her counselor. Got a tour,got her chromebook, etc. Didn’t even go to a class. When I picked her up she burst into tears and said that she hates it so much and that she can never go back there again. When we got home she had a panic attack and crying spell. And then fell asleep for an hour, despite being on a stimulant. So that shows how much stress she was under. I don’t think I can get her to school tomorrow, or ever. I am wondering if anyone has any advice or can offer me some hope. It is all so devastating.

Posted by jenrein73 at 2023-10-11 00:33:08 UTC