Just joined the community today. I am 23 with high-functioning ASD and love spending time on videogames, television and movies, and theme park attractions. I feel that I lack the self-advocacy to encourage myself to building up friendships because I tend to hunker myself down staring at the computer screen. Every time I go on my social media or read the news, I often put myself down and get depressed instead of reading literature about people living under Autism. Now, I do try to get my hopes up by trying to work out for a decent amount of time at the gym or seek guidance from therapy, but sometimes I feel one side of me still wants to come out and try to continue to put myself down. My mother was considering for me to try to attend a webinar from here so that I could ask for some advice and take notes. I really do want to try and self-advocate, but how can I begin??

Posted by DanielGomez7w at 2023-10-10 21:02:30 UTC