I'm new here too. I have a background in Special Education. I learned and worked with kids on the spectrum before I had my first child on the spectrum. Boy, did my perspective change once I lived with a child now 2 children on the spectrum. This helped me while I was a Sped teacher. I am learning new things every day. My 2nd and 3rd children are on the spectrum. one is 24 and the other 8. They are similar with daily self care tasks. they don't think they need to bath or shower each day and forget to brush thier teeth. the older one shuts down when it comes to budgeting, and he lives in an apartment complex across the street from home. he is getting better at cleaning his apartment, but hus stinky clothes smell the place up. The state pays for all his apartment needs. He has a trainer, and I work with him one day a week. the younger one thinks he's in charge of us. He has meltdowns when we tell him he can't have what he wants. We have been working on ignoring his ranting that he hates us as he kicks his bedroom door over and over. Eventually, he will cave and accept what he can do or have. I am glad that I found AE! I am looking forward to learn the defence mode and use those strategies to help both my boys be more productive boys.

Posted by kroseborough68 at 2023-10-05 05:39:12 UTC