Hi,I have a 14 year old Aspergers boy.His symptoms are very subtle no on would ever notice before but this year everything has been more pronounced than before.Staying alone in school, not wanting to go to school at all and all the teachers shouting at him and telling him to pay attention and he really does not focus and is not interested in any subjects except computing.He makes a commitment that he will try his beat but then he only keeps it for a few days but he can commit to his music and games a lot longer. He goes to a private school and I was not willing to talk to them about his case before because it didn’t really interfere with academics but now everything is hard,the teachers think of him as a stubborn inattentive student who doesn’t care about anything and that I am a lousy parent who is not helping him.I think it is time that I talk to the school about his situation.Is this the right decision? What am I supposed to tell them and if asked how are we supposed to treat him what would I say,he wouldn’t want special treatment but no yelling and extra support with the academics.He’s smart but not interested or motivated.What should I ask them about for how to deal with him in class? Thankyou

Posted by hadeelelshazly at 2023-10-02 08:52:24 UTC