Your help requested on disciplining toddler: my wife and I are at a cross roads with parenting. It’s becoming a problem on how we address my toddler and use discipline. I tend to be a little bit more accommodating when he’s in defense mode, and she is more of no-nonsense, and keep with the same standard as his neurotypical brother. For those who have older kids with aspbergers or people who are adults with aspbergers: do you think tough love (my wife’s style) would have actually helped you more in the long run? Or is my way of acknowledging defense mode and being more sensitive the way to go? She would argue this will get him equipped for the real world (with him crying his eyes out and having a meltdown as the discipline is occurring) I would argue that my way avoids tantrums or him being nervous or uncomfortable, but I’m also assuming being too sensitive or soft will give him unrealistic expectations of when he goes to kindergarten and joins the real world. Thank you

Posted by John O at 2023-10-01 13:27:44 UTC