Hello! I finally think found what I've been looking for. I have read several book, but nothing ever help me navigate my behavior around my Son. It's been a constant battle with homework. He is in the second grade and last year he didn't have any....this year, it's daily!! He has to read 15 to 20 min a day. He can read, he reads at a 4th grade level, but he thinks homework is "unfair." I have tried reading with him, taking turns at paragraphs, still it's a battle. I don't want him to hate reading and I geel this is the path we are walking down. lately everything has been a battle, from getting to bed, taking a bath, getting up in the morning. I still have to help him get dressed, if I don't he won't and he will miss the bus. So..... I have a lot to learn and willingness learn!!! Super excited to find some answers, opinions and a new perspective.

Posted by DeterminedMom50 at 2023-10-01 00:31:23 UTC