Taking it one day at a time here. We hit a big “autistic burnout” last November. My son, 10 started full refusing school and shut down almost every thing else. I was worried about getting him back quickly….but realized that wasn’t the best idea. I cut my work hours and took a pay cut so I can stay home with him. I feel like he’s needed time to heal and feel safe and he was getting to overwhelmed with the school environment. I don’t want to be the one making him panic about something he’s not ready for. He has gained some trust back for me. I am Looking for guidance on how to take baby step from here. He is afraid of going a lot of places, and when we do he is getting overwhelmed and behaviors quickly turn aggressive. When the aggression passes he is so hard on himself. We are both feeling a bit helpless. Hope to gain some insight on the webinar. Thank you

Posted by abbiebea1980 at 2023-09-30 08:52:58 UTC