I’m 15F with level 2 Autism. I was in some drama a few years ago with some middle school girls and now they’re after me again. Randomly spamming me, getting every social app I have just to come after me, and they’re spreading rumors around everywhere about me. They’ve sent their friends to come “mess with me” on instagram and I’ve had to delete Snapchat. They’ve spammed both my mom and my dad to the point where even they got mad. My mom has called the parents but the parents won’t do a thing. It’s taking a heavy toll on my mental health, as I’ve lost ALL of my friends because of them. I’ve tried joining new groups or churches to make new friends, but it’s really hard for me. I don’t know what to do at this point.

Posted by Atlx.ntic at 2023-09-28 13:24:46 UTC