I need advice. My son is on the spectrum and he is 4. He also has sensory processing disorder, which causes him to jump and throw his body around a lot for that pressure. I also live in apartments, where I have a two story, up and bottom, with neighbors on the sides of me. My neighbor called the police for a noise complaint shortly after 10, when I was having trouble calming him down and trying my best to get him to bed, as he struggles to fall asleep. I have cut sugar out of his diet, red-40, I have crash pads around my house. I try a calming supplement, baths before bad with lavender, etc. He jumped off our couch just a few times, nothing consistent or over and over. Then this neighbor was bad mouthing my son when i went to explain to her that my son was autistic. I’m just lost and unsure of what to do.

Posted by Isabella Castaneda at 2023-09-24 19:34:08 UTC