Hi, I’m new here looking for some where to off load with people who understand. Bit of background my 6 year old daughter soon to be 7 has always been extra as I call it. I’ve always known from a young age there was something more. Clothes are a big deal pants shoes socks you name it. We can have an hour meltdown over getting dressed screaming crying running off. Anxiety is a big deal when going anywhere worrying about the weight of the shopping in the boot of the car for example how long we going to be will there be toilets etc. she is very defiant shouts says awful things cry’s lashes out and screams ear piercing screams in frustration every thing has to be her way. She is rude to people in the things she says like tells them to shut up. Tells them they are big need to loose weight eat healthy. She won’t go to the toilet on her own or use a public toilet if it doesn’t look spotless. She won’t go to sleep alone. The list goes on. I’ve just rang the doctors to get the ball rolling as she is getting a lot to handle we were coping but as she’s got older she has gotten worse. Looking for advice and to see if you can resonate with this as I don’t know what I’m dealing with or how to deal with it thanks in advance for reading x

Posted by Sarahgoodall4 at 2023-09-24 09:54:23 UTC