Ok I'm frustrated with my 28 year old son on the spectrum. Portion control is another big issue here. Example today: he just came up and made himself "lunch" before work. He had bought himself Totinos pizza rolls. He went to put some in the microwave for himself. The whole plate was full. I Mean at least like 20 pizza rolls on it. I made him put part back into the bags because of portion control. I told him he will end up with heart disease or diabetes eating like this. He is around 300 lbs and is not active except for pushing carts 3-4 hours daily at work. He tells me and his doctors who keep telling him the same thing that he needs to watch his diet because he will possibly develop these health issues if not now later in life. His cholesterol is borderline now. He will not listen and it ends up in a shouting match. I don't know what to do!! Help would be appreciated. He is going to self destruct and what am I supposed to do as a mom. I'm heartbroken thinking about what direction this is going to take him

Posted by mykids3mom at 2023-09-23 15:58:14 UTC