Danny and aspie community - our teen aspie is diving into the world of friendship and we need to help him know what that looks like. Here’s the set up: our son was taking a math class at high school last yr before we withdrew him 6 wks into the school yr because of his sleeping habits and being late. He talked to a classmate (we’ll call her Abby) every day. Now to present day… they started texting and he found out she plays softball. So… to show his support as a friend, he asked me to take him to ALL of her games (home and away). The first 2 games he waited and hugged her. Then he’d just wait and tell her “good game.” Now he says he feels awkward talking to her. Last nite, I heard her groan (she saw him and said “ugh!”) and a team mate said “Have fun Abby!” sarcastically. So how do we help him recognize social cues when someone doesn’t want him around or teach him how to have friends and be a friend. He is the most loyal person but also very dedicated to the point where he’s clingy.

Posted by Togsmom at 2023-09-21 22:55:17 UTC