I received my issue of ASU thrive recently. I finally took the time to read it and the cover article is called, Microbes for the Mind. A team from ASU is doing research for children with Autism and Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. From the article—“In the first-ever, double-blind clinical trial, ASU researchers demonstrated that microbiota transplant therapy, which uses antibiotics to eliminate bad bacteria from the intestines and then replaces it with healthy bacteria, reduces gastrointestinal symptoms and other symptoms in people with autism, as well as children with Pitt-Hopkins.” My son, Cole, has problems with being constipated all the time. I would like to see this research help our children and adults. I’m happy to see this research, but I’m hoping our community can take advantage of it.

Posted by rykatco1 at 2023-09-21 16:06:02 UTC