We are struggling with our son, 11 years old, has demonstrating in any order or combination of the he following: Defiance, Manipulation, Narcissistic Behavior, Entitlement, Fabrication and now physically abusive. He has a flat affect most of the time and has no emotions and he is not accountable or sorry for his actions, even when he has destroyed a wall, picked a bedroom lock or other damages. Amongst the social workers, physicians, teachers, counselor and sheriff there is one statement we get recurrently "Mam, There is nothing further we can do". Now that he has kicked my head causing it to hit against the hardwood cabinets I am at a loss of what to do next. During this time I am not seeing traits of a meltdown: lack of eye contact, clumsy, lack of coordination that I have seen previously. Separation or not acknowledging these actions has not changed his negative choices. Nonverbal communication showing no further signs or clues of what affect (mood, emotion) he has. He has picked the lock (used for external doors on my internal door). With his father choosing to chronically solve problems/conflict via avoidance, no consequences and handing him privileges to stop the conflict and lower his emotional stimulation that my husband has maxed out for on that day/time; Graham has been rewarded for his negative choices that the acuity has quickly increased. I am an RN x 24 yrs with experience in triage, pediatrics, behavioral health triage, traumatic brain injury legal nurse consulting etc... To further understand the additional lenses I apply when I try to assess and apply interventions for our son. I am at a loss of any further interventions... I have chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, and cancer survivor (age 49, less than a year ago), my son has continued to apply conflict in reacting explosive (example, calmly redirected or walking away resolves nothing) and choose negative action's towards others. I have rewarded healthy choices, and applied natural consequences, losing his computer time that day (example). Any additional thoughts would be appreciated. Many thanks and Best Regards, Kristin

Posted by kayak.fin at 2023-09-18 16:49:19 UTC