Advice needed for 10 yr old boy ADHD & Aspergers. Violent and extremely intense meltdowns over screens. Wants the non age appropriate games and wants them without parental control, but gets super dysregulated while playing them. I tell him no. He has had access to more peaceful games but sneaks other forbidden ones and changes settings via breaking into my phone. It isn't safe for him emotionally to have these games. Refuses to do anything outside of screens. Doesn't want anything else for himself or his future but screens and to be a youtuber. Cannot be in the car for any amount of time without his screens. Or massive meltdown occurs. He broke my windshield the other day. I have warned him if he keeps doing this, his screens go away, which they have. But he keeps sneaking. I just want to enjoy my kids but almost wish they weren't here anymore. It's too much for me. It is pulling me into such a deep shutdown as I am adhd and trying my best and being resilient and letting go of expectations but being firm on limits. Help. Please help.

Posted by kelbeljo97 at 2023-09-13 17:00:25 UTC