What would you do? My 15 year old son will not brush and floss his teeth before bed. He always wants dessert when he comes home from school. Without brushing his teeth, he can get severe cavities eating lots of sweets. I told him that if he wants dessert after school, that’s fine, he just needs to brush and floss his teeth after he eats dessert (since he refuses to brush before bed). He eats the dessert, and then runs upstairs to his room, shuts the door, and refuses to brush, saying he needs a second. He never comes out and makes good on his word, telling me to go away when I remind him after 45 minutes. What would you do going forward? He shuts down if I refuse him dessert, he shuts down if I ask him to brush after he eats dessert, he yells at me to go away. What should I do? I’m so tired and upset.

Posted by crew at 2023-09-12 20:07:24 UTC