I have a 13 year old grandson that is autistic and just went into the 9th grade at the high school. They have put him in a program called Academy, which I believe is general education programs with just smaller classes. He is stressed - he is overwhelmed and he is moody and angry. His mom has a meeting but not until the 18th which seems crazy to me. But that’s when the Head of the Special Ed Dept is available. He has a one on one aide who he really doesn’t say whether he likes or not - it’s only been 3 days. This Grammie is worried about him and that if he gets too stressed he will become physical - which has never been bad - usually a scratch to get their attention. Is there a way to push the school - Friday they told him he had to use a Chromebook and he said he didn’t use Chromebooks and the teacher pushed a little so he took his water bottle and dumped water over the Chromebook. Jack is a book, pencil and paper learner but how do you get the school to do that? It is my understanding that all schools are no longer buying text books and using Chromebooks only? HELP

Posted by barbscha at 2023-09-11 01:53:54 UTC