Hello all. I am curious about experiences you’ve had with biofeedback to help get your child out of defense mode. I have a twenty eight year old son who lives independently but has not had very much success with post high school education or jobs because of his low frustration tolerance and his default mode of lashing out in anger when he gets irritated or anxious by seemingly small triggers. The more I learn about the autonomic nervous system and the role of the vagus nerve in regulating one’s stress level and mood, the more I am convinced that this is the main problem that leads to all his other difficulties. He is always on the verge of fight or flight. I get nervous going anywhere with him anymore out of fear of him getting overwhelmed and freaking out. We rarely have a family outing where he doesn’t start swearing and becoming verbally abusive, often as we’re still in the parking lot of his apartment right after we pick him up. He’s had multiple therapists over the years but hasn’t had much success. We’ve paused the therapy for now since it seems to get him worked up into an angry rant and the therapist can’t get a word in. He was ‘uptight’ as a little kid and he seems even worse and more easily triggered now. I really feel that it has to do with his nervous system being out of whack. I’m ready to try, and I think he is too, biofeedback or vagal nerve stimulation or something along these lines. We were chatting the other day and he seemed receptive to the idea that something is wrong with how his nervous system works instead of what he’s been told his whole life, that he just needs to try harder.

Posted by JNMom at 2023-09-09 03:01:58 UTC