Very interesting. My 12 year-year-old son is interested in a band called BabyMetal and wants to see them in concert. This summer, I took him to see the live stream AgustD concert at the movie theater as a way to see what he thought of concerts. He lasted about 30 minutes and wanted to go home. We brought headphones with us. Before the live stream concert, we walked around the mall, and he was super uncomfortable with people getting close to him in the store, so we just found a quiet spot. The BabyMetal concert is in October his theory is he won't mind all those people because they will all be looking at group. This group is WAY louder than AgustD in my opinion. What did you take with you to the concert? I do realize that my son wasn't that into AgustD but is interested in BabyMetal and that makes a huge difference.

Posted by sarakal1 at 2023-08-28 01:54:19 UTC