Seeking recs for diagnosed Complex-PTSD treatment/therapy (beyond talk therapy) for 24 year old stepson with diagnosed high functioning Autism (aspbergers) who also suffers from depression/social anxiety (both resulting from years of childhood trauma and untreated aspbergers). Danny - I’d shared info about you with my stepson a few months ago, but he shared there was a waitlist. From watching some of your courses, the trauma issues sound like my stepson needs a higher level of care that your coaching can provide (I’d submitted many questions online during your courses, but my questions never got chosen to be addressed and I’m sure you get flooded with questions). Been dealing with 5+ years of therapists, psychiatrists, part time day group young adult program in Bay Area for severe depression, Genomind testing, micro-dosing… we understand defense mode from your course and have made significant headway with our relationship with him, but he is crashing mentally from not being able to process and deal with the past trauma. Stepson is seeking different approach to help work through the years of severe childhood trauma (diagnosed C-PTSD) and he wants higher level of care (he is open to residential treatment). Would greatly appreciate replies with specific practitioners and treatment types that have worked for C-PTSD and aspbergers. (If you’ve had experience but are outside CA, please also reply - your nonCA practitioners may be able to direct me to CA based treatment). Thank you for your help. We don’t want to lose him. ❤️

Posted by AspieStepmom at 2023-08-27 05:31:38 UTC