Ok, I feel like I sound like an awful mom. My son is 28 and still living at home and is on the spectrum. With rent and expenses being so expensive, we have kept him at home to help with everything. Now I am getting to the point that he is going to have to go out on his own. That being an assistance apt or group home. He just needs assistance with daily life skill by reminder. Ex: showering, teeth, meds. Also, what foods he eats and quantity. He will not touch fruits, vegetables or anything health. If I don't buy it, he will. The dr and I have tried to reason with him on the importance of eating healthy and it is getting to the point I am not myself and am starting to have health issues myself. I'm 62 and want to live life and enjoy it. His diet consists of things like hot dogs, burgers, corn dogs, sausage and potatoes, pizza, potato chips and fries. I can't get him to eat anything different even if I don't buy it. Times when I am not home and at work, he has done door dash without my knowledge and spent almost $15-20 on food. Believe me, he has gotten into trouble. I have taken his electronics away for a few days but doesn't do any good. He is just wearing me down to no end. My oldest daughter keeps saying we can't make it if he leaves. What do I do?? I'm at wits end.šŸ„µšŸ˜­

Posted by mykids3mom at 2023-08-26 16:15:19 UTC