Trigger warning: dentists. How do I get my partner to go to the dentist? He desperately needs to go. His teeth are in horrible shape, he likely has multiple cavities and broken teeth. I'm pretty sure there is an infection that has gone on for WAY to long, and I fear it's going to spread into his bloodstream or jawbone if it hasn't already. He's in so much pain, but still refuses to go. He's afraid they will pull out his teeth. He refuses to be knocked out. And he won't even brush regularly. The most I can get is the occasion brush, and sometimes mouth wash. But the oragel is a near daily occurrence. Pushing him causes shut down. Telling him the logical gruesome consequences causes shut down and fear response. He doesn't want to deal with the consequences, but he's too afraid to take the logical action which is going to a dentist. Being empathetic and giving him his space doesn't get him to accept going/even trying for a consultation. I want to help him. I fear for the very real consequences, he's constantly saying it hurts but refuses to do anything about it. Please help, he is an adult.

Posted by millersam07 at 2022-05-21 08:52:37 UTC