Good morning from South Africa. Our 11 year old son, diagnosed with Aspergers attends a normal mainstream school, however it is a small farm school (only 15 children). He loves it. He is very social and verbal. He does fairly well academically, but has terrible hand writing, spelling and in general hates to write. He struggles to read as well. After long struggles (although still trying to get it official with the education department) we got the school to agree to allow him to use a computer program (Exam Potal Home) to read his exam and test papers for him, but he still needs to write the answers. We are now looking at a voice to text program to record his answer in class work and tests. There are options to get a reader and scribe but we are hoping to get him to be as self-sufficient as possible. He is quite computer-wise. Although there are many Apps available our home language is Afrikaans and he is also being taught in Afrikaans. The one App I found so far that can handle Afrikaans can only work on a tablet or phone and not on a pc or laptop. Has anyone else worked with programmes that might help? Kind regards

Posted by rethaweir at 2023-08-22 06:09:47 UTC