Hello, Our 13 year old son was just diagnosed with level 1 autism, through therapy, testing in and outside of school. He was granted district services and has been assigned a case manager. Academically he is extremely bright, in gifted and talented classes and has zero issues keeping up. He has kept a 98% average across all classes and just started 8th grade. He gets along extremely well with adults, teachers administrators at the school. The issue is relating to peers. The services from the district are related to social and emotional intelligence. Is there a guide or standard I should look to for his IEP? He has difficulty regulating emotion. Cries when overwhelmed, is hyper sensitive to any touch, taste, smell. Just a bump could seem like an injury in his brain. PE has always been a challenge but he wants to keep going. He fixates on subjects he's interested in and can interrupt in class if he feels something isn't being covered accurately by his peers or even faculty. We have recently joined a social group outside of school. Just wondering if there is advice for the IEP or how to communicate with teachers on his behalf.

Posted by Ashley McDonald at 2023-08-19 14:44:34 UTC