My son is 19 and was diagnosed at 12 with ASD level 1 and obsessive compulsive personality disorder. He also has anxiety. He enjoys doing any sport (wrestling, football, grappling, mma, boxing). He takes: Venlafaxin 75 mg Adenzy 15.7 Lamotrigine 150 mg (2x a day) He says he feels like he’s overthinking and is too much in his head - for example when playing sports instead of just playing w/muscle memory he is overthinking everything. But at the same time is experiencing no desire to practice or go to the gym. He has a girlfriend and I notice that a lot times he will ask her the same question over and over - and wants to spend all his time with her. - it hurts his feelings when she spends time with her family without him. Sometimes the questions he asks are out of character for him - as if he is dense or doesn’t understand things. In observing him, it’s like his brain is working slower. All/Any thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcome!

Posted by 1980aalban at 2023-08-16 14:47:14 UTC