Hi! New here. My son was diagnosed with autism at age 11 after years of begging the school and his professionals for help. They finally started to listen after he began to fall behind in Math and his tendency to avoid every day demands put him in a constant fight or flight mode, usually fight. We are requesting an IEP but the school wants to do a 504. I am insisting on evaluations and trying to learn all I can about the IEP process. Our first meeting is on Friday. His therapist, a professional in the autism community, will be with me. I am reading the articles you have posted here but will take any and all advice that you offer, even if it’s just words of support. As I’m sure you all know, it feels so lonely going through this. The school is fighting you and the rest of the world doesn’t get it. I’m so excited to have found this community and can’t wait to learn from you and to know you.

Posted by HollyEliz79 at 2023-08-16 10:32:11 UTC