while I am new to this place I adopted two autistic children 7 years ago. the older boy 15 is high functioning (asperger) and the younger boy 7 was nonverbal until recently. we also adopted 2 other special needs boys. the boys all come from violent and drug abusing families. My first question for this group is, while i know that my oldest son is autistic and that is a life long condition, I have seen him grow and improve from the trauma of his past but it is hard for me to separate what is autistic behavior or what is plain stubbornness. I try to tell myself he is autistic but because i have seen such tremendous success in his growth from his trauma i find it very difficult sometimes to recognize that he has aspbergers and that will never change. does someone out there have suggestions on how to deal with this?

Posted by erick henning at 2023-08-15 12:59:06 UTC