👋 Hi everyone. Long post. New to the community and hoping to learn more in order to be a better parent to my 7 year old daughter whom recently got diagnosed as Autistic level 1 and ADHD moderate. As her parents the areas we struggle with the most are in discerning between an Autistic meltdown versus an ADHD one or her simply being 7. I am working on myself and my lack of patience with her but it is a daily struggle. Her impulsivity and lack of listening to us is causing tons of conflict in our home. She goes to therapy weekly and we have also started family therapy. What I fear is her thinking that she is bad for being herself but I struggle with her lack of respect and listening to us when we ask her to stop an action that is disruptive or unsafe. Where is the line drawn between something being an Autistic trait or an ADHD symptom versus a teachable moment of being a kinder human being - for example we don’t hit or scream at people so we need to learn how to express our feelings. I feel at odds all the time and am struggling with boundaries and discipline. Not sure what I’m looking for but I’m hopelessly tired.

Posted by Shewbea at 2023-08-15 04:57:04 UTC