How do you tell him when he's wrong? When he's interpreted what I've said into something I never considered or meant. I try to explain myself, my thoughts, emotions, and understanding in a clear direct way. I try to invite him to ask questions, discuss solutions, to consider his own emotions. And yet he'll still interpret what I say in a completely off the wall, incorrect way. So logically I try to correct him. To explain that's not what I meant, and say what I mean in a different (hopefully more) clear way. Asking him why he thought I meant X when I directly said A. (I have also tried praising him/acknowledging when he's right and make clear, direct change to grow/learn, to admit when I'm wrong and work on change/growth) Tonight he told me how everyone for his entire life has been telling him his interpretation of what they say/mean is wrong. I sympathize how that would be extremely frustrating. But wouldn't that inspire someone to LEARN. To change their views to recalibrate. How the heck do I get him to see when it comes to my emotions/motivations/mindset that he is objectively wrong. I'm not trying to belittle him, insult him, control him. I just want him to accept when I say X I mean X. To be able to take my clarifications at face value with zero interpretation.

Posted by millersam07 at 2023-08-15 03:40:48 UTC