As a fellow Autistic individual I don't associate with people much at all and don't make well connections and don't like to go out much anymore because everytime I go out or to any public places people always give me dirty looks or treat me like garbage anyways and as someone with severe major depression and anxiety and paranoia I always avoid myself from people at all costs because I always have fears people are looking at me and talking bad about me my head tells me differently I also struggle with psychosis as well can't ever concentrate on reality in front of me always day dreaming where ever I go and Im someone as much as I been suffering through this it makes it hard for me to communicate because when I speak its with anxiety Im not a people person at all after what everyone has put me through all my life including so called toxic family members I like to make people worry about me when I don't come around only places I go to is my equine therapy because there are no people at all around just me and the horses and my 1 on 1 equine therapist I feel like thats all I got I can't seem to work for the public at all because people are around and plus my last job at the elementary school they terminated me because of my disability and discriminated me for my mental health now I feel like I just want a job working from home Im 30 live in my own apartment no roommates never been married before or ever had any kids but struggling financially

Posted by laura.wood1515 at 2023-08-13 21:32:07 UTC