First off, I appreciate that this group exists. Because I can be “real” without the fear of rejection that exists in the “Non-Autistic Neurotypical World”. That being said, are there career mentors we can talk to through this AE Community app? I have Late-Onset Adult Asperger’s Syndrome with ADHD. I was diagnosed last year at 47. I already knew I experienced Anxiety & Depression. However, I learned the difference between an Autistic/Neurodivergent brain and a Neurotypical brain. So, I had no idea that the ASD brain is like the trunk of a tree, and other disorders grow up from there. So, I’m still “in shock” emotionally after discovering that I have an ASD brain since birth, but didn’t find out until age 47. As I research careers that are good for Asperger’s, I’ve come across the term “autism friendly”. And the overall recommendations I’ve seen are to work from home online. I think that scenario is best. I’m learning about my emotions & behaviors, so I don’t want to hide that I have Autism. My wife’s job recently became remote. Being at home with her & our puppy is an emotionally safe environment to work online, while using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy tools to cope with symptoms that interrupt daily life. I was a Math Major in college. But, over the last few years, I started to become obsessed with Math & Physics. I also started to become more emotionally over-sensitive, developed social cue problems, and my mind was always on-go. Others noticed all of these behavioral changes and suggested I get tested for Asperger’s. So, I hope to find an Autism-friendly online job that fits my personality and skills. I don’t want to feel afraid of “being myself” :-( I appreciate everyone for listening! :-)

Posted by Mds at 2023-08-11 22:09:58 UTC