My son is 19 and was just diagnosed with ASD. He graduated from high school with a lot of support from me. Did miserably his first semester at a community college (which was before we worked with getting him diagnosed). We had him take the spring off while we helped him figure things out. He took 1 summer class (in order to keep dental/vision insurance). I do not think college is for him. He says he hates it and puts forth little to no effort. When we try to get him to apply for jobs he has huge melt downs (defense mode) where he self harms or goes ballistic. I do not feel his current therapy is helping at all- they just talk. He even admitted it isn’t helpful. He says he wants to stay in college because he really wants a job in the sport industry but I don’t think he’s being realistic. He did qualify for services at our developmental disabilities and they are helping- by pairing him with a career coach. He has no life skills and I struggle seeing him ever being able to survive on his own. I’m at a loss of what to do next. He has liver issues but won’t take his meds, do the work outs or change eating habits. He wants a hair cut but refuses to call the barber even if I offer to help him with the call (or role play before the call). He won’t get up on time for anything unless I wake him up. He has missed many appts because of this. And I could go on. Any advice is greatly appreciated. (He does have a part time job at a farm- but it’s only 9 hours a week and he thinks that’s “a lot”. 🤦‍♀️)

Posted by jajlb3231 at 2023-08-10 04:00:25 UTC