Hi everyone I am new here. First thank you for taking the time to read and or respond to my post. Now here the latest issue. My daughter 11 years old, is starting to bite, scratch and hit her 7 year old sister. I don’t know how to curb this behavior and stop it. She yelling and is disrespectful to others but not me. I am her safe zone, or her fear zone idk. I have talked to her, explained, shown her, has had consequences but she just keeps losing it like she was in her terrible threes. What can I do I don’t want her sister to continue getting hurt. Honestly I feel drained dealing with this behavior. I get it but sometimes I honestly have the thought (just thought), what’s wrong with you, why can’t you make better choices. Then I hate myself for thinking that.

Posted by lfitz520 at 2023-08-09 22:11:25 UTC