I need to understand the line between accepting him as he is unconditionally, and expecting growth and change. Hes 42, so were well past the 'he'll grow out of it' possibility. I love him, but he doesn't TRY, he doesn't want to grow, or know himself better, or understand his motivations. Even attempts to get him to help himself are met with 'your just trying to change me to be like everyone else (meaning NT's)'. I don't want or expect him to be NT, I just want him to be able to understand why he does certain things, how they affect me/others, and then be fully informed if he decides to continue doing them. I don't see 'change' as necessarily a bad thing bc I define certain change as synonymous with growth. We cannot grow if we cannot recognize that certain parts or views we hold need to change/be modified. The 'accepting him fully as he is' just seems to enable him to backslide into being a less capable adult, with EVERYTHING being pushed onto me. Please help, where is this line?

Posted by millersam07 at 2023-08-07 05:36:32 UTC