Very helpful site so far! Searching for answers all my life, I think I finally found the why... The mini of them. Why I don't fit in, why I think too much, and too sensitive, I'm lazy, didn't understand the first five times, have to write everything down, suspicious of everything, gullible and naive, can't grow up, my own best friend, isolation vacation, no friends and the list goes on. Anyway I'm a 50 year old female now with three adult raised and out of the house children, divorced and living on my own in, what I call, Squalor Hollow. When the kids were home I kept order and functionality. Now that I'm on my own I can't keep track of my nose and spend the majority of my time looking! In the meantime I've lost my whole head.. I have not yet been diagnosed, but I am certain without a doubt I'm an Asperger's suspect. I certainly mean no offense to anyone here, I'm not self diagnosing. I do however seem to suffer the same struggles Asperger's presents as a diagnosis. All that said, I am hoping to connect with other middle-aged women who have a late diagnosis or can relate to the overwhelm and inability to function sometimes on a daily basis which has gone on for months with fluctuating intensity. I am feeling desperate to get out of this defense mode where I'm spending my wheels and digging deeper in the mud. If you have gotten out of the mud on your own, as I have no friends and family except for my sons, I am open for some pointers! Honestly at this point I would be happy with a game plan to follow without the pain of thinking!! Not really... But kinda...? (awkward winky smile...) I just can't seem to convince myself of anything that motivates me to fix my problem, with an s, and now I have more problems than supportive family or hairs on my head. And now that I said that I'm kind of curious... I'll research anything! Lol Oh yes, if it's not obvious, I like to talk... Ramble, Yammer... Thank you if you made it this far:)

Posted by imagene016 at 2023-08-01 11:17:58 UTC