I'm grateful for this group and also to hear other challenges. I adopted my now 13 years old son when he was 18 months. As a social worker I noticed delays and had him tested at 3 for special Ed. He had speech, cognitive n emotional. Wasn't speaking much at 4 however, was making great progress. Fast forward in 2nd grade with hard work he no longer qualified for Iep but, went to 504. He would get overwhelmed in classroom and destroyed classroom. So we did quiet place n Velcro under desk to rub,que cards etc. Has been very successful with medications and behaviors going to accelerated and gifted charter school. He turned 13 in November n is a WHOLE DIFFERENT PERSON. destroyed our home police wanted to arrest for criminal damage I pushed for hospital stay. Now during all this was denied ddd many many times as well as social security. Now is 13 and finally on DDD but, total defense mode n keeps our house in chaos. Don't shower, no adls, following rules is not happening n says what you going to do. Last issue with criminal damage I was to turn him in to police after hospital but... Lined up therapy and soon to start ABA in home. Case worker is like .. Well you can sign him back to the state. But, this isn't the answer. I bought Dannys audio and listened to it over n over. Tomorrow I have DDD and his high needs case worker coming together with us. It's unfortunate but, we are in need of out of home placement. We have many healthy supports and he can behave proper in everything then we get back to reality shuts down and refuses chores and responsibility. My heart is sad my mind is weary as I also was diagnosed with MS. I don't feel can care for him like this.

Posted by deannafrias.df at 2023-08-01 01:45:49 UTC