I'm here because, of all things, finicky eating. I've been a finicky eater for as long as I've been eating. Earlier this year, while trying to figure out why I cannot eat or never have tried so many different foods, I stumbled upon an internet blurb that mentioned a link between finicky eating and autism. Once I started down that rabbit hole I discovered that there are waaaaay too many things about me that seems to tick the box of low-level autism/Aspergers. I just got back from my second meeting with a Kaiser Permanente therapist and felt I was nowhere closer to determining if I am on the spectrum or not. I would love to meet with an educated/qualified/credentialed expert and discuss my concerns and was hoping to find out how to go about doing that by reading through some of your stories and experiences. Any advice/guidance/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by epoqe at 2023-07-27 03:56:22 UTC