How do you tell him his behavior is inappropriate? Hes an adult male, who can hold down a job, but struggles greatly with social cues, and appropriate conversation. He like to play/be friendly, but it comes off all wrong, and not acceptable in the situation. Normally he just avoids people when not at work. But this weekend a friend was staying with us, and he (trying to be playful) gets out the dart gun, and starts shooting nerf darts. Were all ADULTS, no one else had a dart gun, and it was clear only he thought this was fun. He got upset when we didn't start to play darts, and takes the view that I'm not "letting him play"/"be himself". My issue is 100% about his actions being inappropriate in the setting. If we were all outside and had all agreed to a game of darts that would have been fine, but we didn't and this was in the living room. How do i convince him its his ACTIONS that are the problem? I feel like this is the same issue parents have when their Aspie child is trying to play with other kids, but they're being inappropriate for the situation and so the other kids distance themselves from the aspie child. He doesn't accept that "he's the problem"/his actions are not appropriate for the situation. And I have told him directly and clearly that shooting darts is not appropriate when entertaining guests. He is not interested is learning social cues better, and instead prefers to hide away, not interacting with others as he thinks he'll just be chastised for doing the wrong thing.

Posted by millersam07 at 2023-07-26 17:03:12 UTC