I asked a question a few days ago and the answer I got I was trying to edit but deleted the whole post. One of the issues I am running into is ASD son is pushing boundaries. Mom says leave her alone and he refuses. I get the oh he is having mood issues and his emotional needs aren’t being met. Still a boundary has been tread upon and to break the cycle he must learn to leave mom alone sometimes. Well mom cannot meet his needs if she is completely drained. I am exhausted from the boundary pushing! If he would learn to leave me alone when I asks he might get his needs met. The question is how to get that through to him??? I am on the hunt for a new therapist because the current one doesn’t seem to have the skills and is not understanding mom and dad cannot be on 24 hours la day. I don’t feel ABA is a good fit due to we have tried those tactics when he was younger and it was a disaster and we don’t have the family support for that. but am struggling to find enough CBT or DBT therapists in the area with autism experience to really do the job. I was raised that if someone says leave me alone you leave them alone.

Posted by SplishSplash1979 at 2023-07-22 19:45:36 UTC