My asperger almost adult child like many is fixated on control and has started doing weird things in public almost as a way of showing off that he is in control. He will agree to do an activity and then not participate in an aspect or pretend but then do something else or participate while doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I have an appointment with his therapist to talk about situational awareness and want to bring up defense mode and control into the discussion. Are there words about what is individual control. Shared control and shared participation that helps get across to an aspie how they are choosing to do a group activity or interact with others and therefore when they do this they agree to shared control and shared responsibility and shared participation? How some things have rules and you elect to participate but once you elect you agree to this shared goal and interaction? I want to help him see that this isn’t control in a way that doesn’t take away his agency but in a way that he’s electing to participate and share the world and his life with. Or how to simplify this so that he stops doing odd things in public for no reason other than to just be unique and show he’s in control.

Posted by Kdl at 2023-07-18 17:46:37 UTC