My 14 year old creative daughter (who was diagnosed with autism last fall) wants a job to help her earn money and to stay busy. She's talked about baby sitting one kid or two at a time but I'm hesitant to help her arrange any babysitting in our community for fear that she will get dis-regulated and then not do a great job taking care of the kids without the parent around. She gets dis-regulated here and there due to sensory overload, etc. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions of other jobs I could try to help her find when she's not at school or camp. She likes to bake a lot and she can do some volunteering at a bakery where she's been to camp but the business owner said she can't pay her at her age. And she had a bracelet making business but it ended up losing money for the most part. Selling the bracelets also required some participation on social media and we prefer she does not use social media if it can be helped. I appreciate any other suggestions. thanks!

Posted by lkaufman at 2023-07-14 23:53:26 UTC