I did as well known I have thought I have Asbergers my whole life, I'd been telling dr.and therapists, and they just wrote it off, I finally got officially diagnosed at 37 and it's really overwhelming. Like I love not thinking that there's something wrong, and I'm wrong, I never act right, everyone notices and I try so hard to stay in character of whatever I think a normal person would do. And it's exhausting, and I'm sick of feeling ashamed and guilty, embarrassed, alone, just because I'm unique. So instead of looking at everything as terrifying torture, I am trying to do whatever j feel comfortable with and that's fine, even if I don't shower, spend the whole day writing a txt over and over and only sending it to myself. Then just mind reels endlessly, but I'm looking at of I can leave my room say hi to a few people online, read, draw, clean.. if I do one of these a day, it's better than the lone human being that everyone has been waiting for me to get comfortable and better by acting like norms. When it's like why can't I get comfortable with myself, and as long as I'm not hurting anyone or anything extremely inappropriate in a public place, 5hen who cares, and I am taking the power, embracing my being different. And I surprisingly went to a store and as asking for aomething I started feeling like I would normal shut down and leave, instead I said, "oh I'm autistic by the way so I'm aware I'm a lot, and bit off" so ya.. thwyxwere like it was cool and nothing, and just kept on helping. It was amazing how much more confidence and relief, and pride to after hiding for years, something just clicked. I can't believe that I may now have gotten past experiences with negative connotations... and I'm just going to be loud about owning that Is me. Plus it makes the people behave more considerably when you announce it.

Posted by Renee.mongalier at 2023-07-14 23:44:02 UTC